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Workshops and Keynotes

Workshops and Keynotes

Hello there! 

 Glad you connected. Let me introduce myself.  My name is Jackie Nugent affectionately known as mJ.  Why mJ? Because I'm married, a mother and a very proud grandmother too. I'm a clinical  manager, a mentor of whom some of my beloved mentees  call me mamma J and I'm an ordained minister too. So many marvelous M's!

I've been blessed to grace many platforms and genres, from faith-based forums to health symposiums, speaking to diverse audiences and facilitating engaging workshops and presentations.  

As a  “woMENTOR”, I am dedicated to encouraging other women to “awaken, unleash and fulfill their divine purpose”, like I did. Once I discovered and applied  this  mantra to my life, I truly began to LIVE and not just exist!

I regularly visit the corridors of the federal correctional center, not as the person I was, who once needed correction from delinquent behaviours, but  now the one passionately providing spiritual enrichment  through chaplain services to female in-mates.

My extensive leadership experience and passion for serving people from all walks of life, inspired me to found Embrace Women’s Services (EWS). EWS is a not-for- profit faith-based organization, in operation since 2004, committed to delivering HELP, HOPE and HEALING to society’s hurting. 

I thrive to see “the cycle of help”  result in a return of value  to households and grassroots communities of the individuals served. 

I am also a Clinical Manager and an Accredited Human Behavior Consultant, empowering individuals and teams with an effective framework for discovering and understanding the awenessness of self and others. 

Through my business, I  offer personal and professional coaching, assessments, trainings and tailored workshops & keynotes just for you! 

I believe there are boundless opportunities for me and for you, because opportunities are boundless

Workshops and Keynotes

Workshops and Keynotes

Workshops and Keynotes

As a speaker, influencer and Accredited Human Behavior consultant, I bring enthusiasm and excellence to your next event or one-on-one session. Together we can design a workshop, presentation, ministry or service that fits the experience you desire.

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Calendar of Events

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Promises Conference

12pm - 5pm

Casablanca Hotel, Grimsby ON Canada

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Promises Conference

Hosted by Palmonia Gordon.

Launch of new Eomen's Club and a birthday celebration.

12pm - 5pm

Casablanca Hotel, Grimsby ON Canada


The 4 C's

What is it that is keeping you from living to your full potential ? This presentation is built on 4 C's that we all need to move ahead yet if you are not intentional in activating them effectively they can also be the cause of you becoming stagnant in living out your  purpose.

I will help participants  figure out, how to discover, assess, plan and apply these key principles to increase personal and professional fulfillment. 

Accredited Human Behavior Consulting

These presentations/workshops are focused on equipping and empowering individuals and groups  with effective ways to set foundations for relationships that get results; increases personal satisfaction and enhances the value of others in your sphere of influence.  

Book your group or individual human behavioural assessment session today. 


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